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Restaurant or Cafe.

Find a restaurant or cafe near your location by browsing our online map.

Locate a restaurant or cafe that you like the look, and click on the location on the map. This will bring up contact information, such as the address, the restaurant phone number, opening hours, as well as previous customer reviews.

The GPS location fuction on your mobile phone should be enabled, if you are browsing from a mobile phone. Browsing from a laptop will show the results based on your IP address.

Find a Restaurant or Cafe Near You.

Restaurant Apps.

If you prefer a working app for restaurant searches, we can recommend the following apps:

  • Open Table
  • Tripadvisor.
  • Yelp.
  • Tasteful.
  • Grubhub.
  • Delectable.
  • Foursquare.
  • Resy (for reservations).
  • Zomato (Previously know as Urbanspoon)

Cafe Apps.

There are also a few cafe or coffee priented apps on the market. To find cafes in your area, we recommend the following apps:

  • BeanHunter.
  • Coffee Finder.
  • Best Coffee.

The Difference Between a Restaurant and a Cafe.

Typically, a café is a place that serves different types of coffees, whereas restaurant serves hot meals.

The ambience of a restaurant is of a place for formal dining place. The cafe’s ambience is of a more casual place.

Restaurants mostly serve set menu meals. In Cafes there are  mostly sandwiches and snacks.

Many restaurants will serve alcohol.

Tipping is common and expected in most restaurants. Tipping is optional in cafes.

In restaurants, you can often expect table service. Self service is common in cafes.

Restaurants will mostly present you with a menu when you arrive. Items in cafes are often displayed on the walls.

-Find Restaurants or Cafes Near Me-

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