Pei Wei Menu with Prices

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Pei Wei Menu with Prices.

Browse the full Pei Wei menu with prices here.

Below, we have included the complete and up-to-date Pei Wei Asian Diner Menu with prices, for you to browse from home before you get to the restaurant. We have even included the Pei Wei Gluten Free Menu, the Kids Menu as well as the Wok Menu. Current deals and specials will be added in the comment section.


Please note, that prices can vary slightly in your local Pei Wei restaurant.

Pei Wei Prices.

Pei Wei Food ItemsPrice

Pei Wei Light Meals.

Sushis, Salads and Lettuce Wraps

Mango California Roll(4) $3.29, (8) $5.99
Spicy Tuna Roll(4) $3.79, (8) $6.99
Traditional Chicken Lettuce Wraps$6.99
Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps$6.99
Korean Steak Lettuce Wraps$7.79
Asian Chopped Chicken SaladSmall $5.99, Original $7.49
Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladSmall $5.99, Original $7.49


Served with rice or noodles.

Vegetables & Tofu$6.49/$8.69


Served with white or brown rice

Honey Seared
(Recommended with crispy chicken or shrimp) Honey garlic sauce, chile oil, rice sticks, scallions, red bell peppers).
Sweet & Sour
(Recommended with crispy chicken or shrimp) Sweet and sour sauce, red ginger, onions, green bell peppers, pineapple.
Ginger Broccoli
Sweet soy sauce, scallions, ginger, garlic, broccoli.
Fried Rice
Soy sauce, scallions, egg, red bell peppers, broccoli, carrots
Soy citrus glaze, red bell peppers, onions, scallions, ginger, garlic, chile paste, toasted sesame seeds
Caramel chile sauce, pineapple, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, mint, rice sticks, topped with a crisp Asian slaw
Sweet soy glaze, onions, Napa cabbage, carrots, spinach, scallions, toasted sesame seeds
Thai Dynamite
Sriracha chile sauce, soy, fresh lime, scallions, red bell peppers, carrots, Thai basil
Pei Wei Spicy
Chile vinegar sauce, scallions, garlic, snap peas, carrots
Orange Peel
Chile bean garlic sauce, orange peels, scallions, snap peas, carrots
Sweet soy sauce, scallions, garlic, white mushrooms
Kung Pao
Chile seared soy sauce, scallions, garlic, snap peas, carrots, peanuts
Pad Thai
Thai sweet and sour sauce, tofu, bean sprouts, scallions, egg, crushed peanuts, lime, cilantro, rice noodles
Dan Dan
(Recommended with chicken) Chile seared soy sauce, minced chicken, scallions, garlic, bean sprouts, cucumbers, egg noodles
Lo Mein
Rice wine sauce, scallions, garlic, onions, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, egg noodles.


Add-ons, sides and extras.

Vegetable Spring Rolls(1) $1.99, (2) $3.79, (4) $7.49
Pork Egg Rolls(1) $1.99, (2) $3.79, (4) $7.49
Crab Wontons(2) $1.99, (4) $3.89, (6) $5.99
Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls(1) $2.99, (2) $4.99, (3) $7.49
Hot & Sour SoupCup $1.99, Bowl $3.99
Thai Wonton SoupCup $1.99, Bowl $3.99
Traditional EdamameSmall $1.99, Large $2.99
Szechuan Green Beans$2.99
Fresh Baked Cookies$0.99


Kid’s Teriyaki$3.99
Kid’s Honey Seared$3.99
Kid’s Lo Mein$3.99
Kid’s Sesame$3.99
Kid’s Drink$0.99


Gluten Free Asian Chopped Chicken SaladSmall $5.99, Original $7.49
Gluten Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken SaladSmall $5.99, Original $7.49
Gluten Free Pei Wei Spicy Shrimp SaladSmall $6.99, Original $8.49
Gluten Free Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & Shrimp SaladSmall $6.99, Original $8.49
Gluten Free Pei Wei Spicy ChickenSmall $6.49, Original $8.69
Gluten Free Pei Wei Spicy ShrimpSmall $7.99, Original $9.99
Gluten Free Sweet & Sour ChickenSmall $6.49, Original $8.69
Gluten Free Sweet & Sour ShrimpSmall $7.99, Original $9.99
Gluten Free Sweet & Sour Chicken & ShrimpSmall $7.99, Original $9.99
Gluten Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls(1) $2.99, (2) $4.99, (3) $7.49
Gluten Free Traditional EdamameSmall $1.99, Large $2.99

What is Pei Wei Asian Diner?

Pei Wei Asian Diner is an Chinese food restaurant chain based in America. The restaurant specializes in Woks and chinese food made to order with customization. Pei Wei is now also famous for its large gluten free menu. Pei Wei Asian Diner now has 190 restaurants in the US.

Pei Wei offers different menu items than its parent companys menu, the PF Chang Menu, and the food will be brought to your table, unlike at its main competitor Panda Express. (See the Panda Express Menu).

Pei Wei’s Homepage can be seen here.

-Pei Wei Menu with Prices-


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