Burger King gives away Free Whoppers and adds Cheetos Fries

New Burger King Specials:

  • Get a Free Burger King Whopper Coupon with App.
  • Burger King Adds Their New Cheetos Fries.

On Wednesday the 14th of September, Burger King unleashes their new follow-up to their successful Mac n’ Cheetos item (which basically was deep-fried macaroni and cheese, covered in crumbled Cheetos).

The new fries will be called “Cheetos Chicken Fries”. The fries are made from white meat chicken, but will be covered in a flavored “dust”, that includes mashed up Cheetos. Delicious or nauseating, depending on your taste.



One order of Cheetos Chicken Fries will have around 280 calories and will cost you $2.89 for a nine-piece order.

This adds further to the revamped Burger King menu, after Burger King recently unveiled their new “Whopperito,” The Whopperito is a burger-burrito fusion that include ground beef, tomatoes, onions and pickles in a flour tortilla.

The ‘Egg-Normous Breakfast Burrito’ has also recently been intoduced to the Burger King Breakfast Menu.

Get a Coupon for A FREE Whopper with the BK App.

New menu items is not the only way, that Burger King is trying to boost their sales this autumn.

They also have a great promotion that hands you a coupon for a free Whopper, when you buy another Whopper. You must download the Burger King mobile app to get the coupon, though.

You can download the app and see the terms and conditions at the Burger King App page, or from Google Play and iTunes

Most Burger King locations will honor the Whopper Buy-One-Get-One Free coupon, but you will need to log in with your Facebook account or an email account, download the app. Then, click the ‘Coupons’ tab and then click on “Use In-Restaurant”.

You can also pay for your order with the app, while in the restaurant.

The BK app also gives you other mobile coupons. They are updated frequently, so do check it once in a while.

The Burger King app also lets you search for the nearest restaurant.

Burger king free whopper coupon

Its basically a great Whopper BOGO deal (Buy One Get One Free). You MUST download the BK app, to get the coupon.

Burger King gives away Free Whoppers and adds Cheetos Fries
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