Wendy's Breakfast Menu and Hours


Wendy’s Breakfast Menu and Breakfast Hours.

Only a few Wendy’s serve breakfast, but if your local restaurant does, then you can see the full breakfast menu and breakfast times here.

Wendy’s is one of the only major fast-food burger chains, that doesn’t have a national breakfast menu.

According to the company, the morning market is too crowded and costly. Wendy’s have tested many breakfast menus over the years and usually the menu have failed, as it detracted the sale of other items.



The last breakfast test included the menu items on the list below, and the breakfast items can still be had in a few select locations throughout the country.

The Wendy’s Breakfast Menu.

  • Prices may vary from location to location.
  • Artisan Egg Sandwich w/bacon  $4.19, Combo: $5.59
  • Morning Melt Panini w/bacon $4.49, Combo: $5.99
  • Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit $2.39
  • Steel Cut Oatmeal w/pecans $2.39
  • Sausage and Egg Burrito $2.99
  • Sausage Biscuit $2.39
  • Seasoned Homestyle Potatoes $1.79
  • Oatmeal Bar $1.79
  • Fresh Baked Biscuit Sandwich w/sausage $2.39
  • Fresh Baked Biscuit $1.79
  • Orange Juice $1.39
  • Redhead Roasters Coffee $1.39
  • Decaffeinated Coffee $1.39
  • Iced Coffee $1.39
  • Tropical Green Tea
  • Honest Tropical Green Tea $1.39


Wendy’s Breakfast Hours.

These are the days and hours, when the Wendy’s breakfast is served. The Wendy’s breakfast hours starts at 6 AM and ends at 10:30 AM, but only in a few select locations.

  • Monday – Sunday : 6 AM – 10:30 AM

Most Wendy’s restaurants open at 10am with the full lunch menu available.

Wendy's Breakfast Menu and Hours
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  1. Mary says:

    wish we had wendys breakfast near me in Ruckersville, va! Tried it in another state and loved it!


  2. PAT GOULD says:



  3. Anonymous says:

    WHICH Wendy’s locations are open late?


  4. joe says:

    $2.00 for a plain biscuit!!!!! ($1.79 is the same as $2.00) Whoa, someone @ Wendy’s needs to take a second look at that!!! There doesn’t seem to be any value priced items on the breakfast menu like the other fast food places. Guess we’ll stick with Burger King for breakfast and Wendy’s for the rest of the day.


  5. Anonymous says:

    We had Wendy’s breakfast for a short time several years back. I remember the biscuits and gravy being not half bad.


  6. Elizabeth says:

    I m in Baltimore County, Maryland. The Wendy’s I’ve gone to in MD and Pennsylvania have been friendly. Love the great food and new menu with even greater salads than before. Burgers are to die for and the frosties are the best!!! Restaurants are clean, people go out of their way to please the customer. And I like the newly remodeled Wendy s on corner of Harford Rd & Joppa Rd. in Baltimore County.


  7. Elizabeth says:

    Love all Wendy’s food, drinks and desserts. People are always friendly, restaurant is clean, and people go out of their way to please the customer. Especially love the chocolate/vanilla.


  8. Badbob says:

    Went to turkey lake location for a great break fast


  9. Chris Cancilla says:

    We had Wendy’s breakfast in Pittsburgh for a while. The artisan morning sandwich was so good I bought two everyday I could while near a Wendy’s. I agree with the bother comments, real eggs and having all day breakfast. I believe the down fall was not enough people new about it, at least in Pittsburgh there was no advertising about it. I found it by accident and then discovered they were half way thru the test for Pittsburgh and then they stopped. And not all Wendy’s in Pittsburgh participated either. There was only a select few. I think with proper advertising and a good menu they can be the fast food king of breakfast!!!! Oh and the coffee was the best….better than McDonald’s, Burger King, Duncan donuts and Starbucks.
    I wish they would bring it back at least once a week.


  10. KATHY THUREEN says:

    how many calories does regular coffee have in it. at Wendy’s restaurant


  11. Cynthia Saddler says:

    I think all Wendys should start serving breakfast again I really loved their Artisan egg w/bacon combo. and serve breakfast all day like McDonalds!!


  12. joe ciulla says:

    if you guys wake up and be the first to serve a real egg ,the way i like them over light ,Thayed be knocking the door down to get in,


  13. Fred says:

    McDonald’s finally figured it out that people love breakfast options 24/7 and 10:30am isn’t time for lunch to start. You’re losing a lot of business.


  14. AllFoodMenuPrices says:

    Share your praise, review or complaint about Wendy’s Breakfast menu, or service, here in the comment section. We need your opinion!



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