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December 1, 2021

Jimmy Johns Nutrition & Calories Menu.

Counting calories? Then you will be glad that you have found the Jimmy Johns Nutrition Menu.
We all need to watch the calories and the Jimmy Johns Nutrition Table below will help you do the that. After browsing the Jimmy Johns Subs menu, then you will be wise to have a look at the calorie facts, as well. And with menu items like the ‘JJ Gargantuan Sandwich’, and a BLT sandwich weighing in at 630 calories, then it is probably wise.
Please note that the Jimmy Johns Nutrition table below is correct at the mid-2014 mark, but menu items may have changed since.
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CaloriesTotal FatSaturated FatCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydratesDietary FiberProtein
#1 Pepe61031.0g8.0g55mg126050g<1g28g
#2 Big John53024.0g4.0g50mg101049g<1g26g
#3 Totally Tuna65031.0g4.0g55mg159054g3g33g
#4 Turkey Tom51022.0g3.0g40mg109050g1g24g
#5 Vito60028.0g9.0g65mg138052g1g30g
#6 Vegetarian58030.0g8.0g50mg87053g2g19g
7-Grain Wheat Bread3505.0g0g0mg52064g5g15g
French Bread – for a Sub2500g0g0mg43046g0g11g
French Bread – for clubs and slims3500g0g0mg59064g0g15g
Unwich (lettuce wrap)100g0g0mg51g<1g<1g
Provolone Cheese1008.0g4.5g20mg200<1g0g7g
Provolone Cheese (double portion)20016.0g9.0g40mg400<1g0g14g
Coke (can)1500g0g0mg1041g0g0g
Coke (large)4000g0g0mg25108g0g0g
Coke (small)2500g0g0mg1568g0g0g
Diet Coke (can)00g0g0mg150g0g0g
Diet Coke (large)00g0g0mg400g0g0g
Diet Coke (small)00g0g0mg250g0g0g
Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard100.5g0g0mg130<1g0g0g
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise19021.0g3.0g10mg1700g0g0g
Italian Vinaigrette808.0g0g0mg800g0g0g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie42018.0g11.0g50mg43062g1g5g
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie42016.0g9.0g65mg47065g4g7g
#10 Hunter’s Club81035.0g10.0g110mg178067g<1g52g
#11 Country Club77031.0g8.0g85mg191069g<1g44g
#12 Beach Club72031.0g8.0g80mg152071g1g35g
#13 Gourmet Veggie Club77038.0g12.0g70mg124071g2g30g
#14 Bootlegger Club68025.0g4.0g75mg166067g<1g42g
#15 Club Tuna84039.0g9.0g75mg195072g3g44g
#16 Club Lulu76033.0g8.0g65mg186067g<1g40g
#17 Ultimate Porker ™76039.0g9.0g60mg175067g6g37g
#7 Gourmet Smoked Ham Club78032.0g9.0g80mg188069g<1g41g
#8 Billy Club80034.0g9.0g95mg196068g1g47g
#9 Italian Night Club95051.0g12.0g100mg217070g1g44g
Iced Tea (large)00g0g0mg55<1g0g0g
Iced Tea (small)00g0g0mg35<1g0g0g
Raspberry Iced Tea (large)3100g0g0mg3584g0g0g
Raspberry Iced Tea (small)2000g0g0mg2553g0g0g
The J.J. Gargantuan99054.0g13.0g165mg289054g1g66g
Lemonade (large)3900g0g0mg160104g0g0g
Lemonade (small)2400g0g0mg10565g0g0g
Light Lemonade (large)200g0g0mg204g0g0g
Light Lemonade (small)150g0g0mg153g0g0g
Bacon (5 slice)15012.0g5.0g25mg6000g0g12g
Bacon (6 slice)18014.0g6.0g30mg7200g0g14g
Genoa Salami1008.0g3.0g25mg450<1g0g6g
Roast Beef803.0g1.0g40mg4100g0g15g
Roast Beef (double portion)1606.0g2.0g80mg8100g0g29g
Smoked Ham601.5g0.5g25mg4501g0g10g
Smoked Ham (double portion)1303.0g1.0g50mg9102g0g19g
Smoked Turkey Breast600.5g0g30mg4801g0g12g
Pickle (spear)50g0g0mg5801g1g0g
Pickle (whole)200g0g0mg23104g4g1g
Slim 1 Ham & cheese51010.0g5.0g45mg124066g0g31g
Slim 2 Roast Beef4203.0g1.0g40mg100064g0g29g
Slim 3 Tuna salad72031.0g4.0g55mg175068g1g35g
Slim 4 Turkey breast4000.5g0g30mg108065g0g27g
Slim 5 Salami, capicola, cheese50012.0g4.5g45mg125065g0g26g
Slim 6 Double provolone55016.0g9.0g40mg99065g0g29g
BBQ Jimmy Chips (bag)1609.0g2.0g0mg9017g0g2g
Jalapeno Chips (bag)1507.0g1.5g0mg29018g<1g2g
Regular Chips (bag)1608.0g2.0g0mg8018g0g2g
Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips (bag)1408.0g1.5g0mg28016g0g2g
Skinny Chips (bag)1305.0g1.0g0mg10519g2g2g
Sprite (can)1500g0g0mg3539g0g0g
Sprite (large)3900g0g0mg90104g0g0g
Sprite (small)2400g0g0mg5565g0g0g
Hunter’s Club Sanswich47035.0g10.0g110mg12004g2g37g
The J.J. Gargantuan Sandwich55033.0g10.0g155mg22907g2g56g
Alfalfa Sprouts00g0g0mg0<1g0g<1g
Avocado Spread151.0g0g20mg602g0g0g
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-Jimmy Johns Nutrition Facts and Calories Table-
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