Golden Corral Nutrition and Allergens

March 15, 2023

Golden Corral Buffet Nutrition Facts.

See nutritional information about the Golden Corral Salads, Breakfast and Hot and Cold Buffet here.

If you are worried about calories in the salads menu or gluten, milk and peanut allergies, then you need to study these pages before ordering at salad items at Golden Corral.

Many Golden Corral items include common food allergens, like peanuts and other tree nuts, seafood including shellfish, whey, wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy and soy. The Golden Corral buffet offerings change frequently. This id what Golden Corral writes about the issue on their website:

“Because of the handcrafted nature of menu items, the variety of procedures used in kitchens and grills, reliance on suppliers and the self-service nature of our buffets, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of ingredient information or the possibility that an ingredient might be transferred among food items and must disclaim any liability regarding the accuracy of such information. If you have any questions about ingredients, please ask to speak with a restaurant manager.”

Golden Corral Nutrition and Allergens.

AllergenServing Size (g/pc)CaloriesCalories From FatTotal Fat (g)Saturated fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Chol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbs (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Golden Corral Hot Buffet
Beef, BBQ3120455205016000018
Beef, Brisket, Smoked320013014615068030214
Broccoli and Rice CasseroleM,S,W113050621550016114
Chicken Pot Pie, MiniE,M,S,W14002002380401250373512
Chicken, ParmesanM,S,W1240100124040570161117
Enchiladas, BeefM,S,W1210100114040560161112
Fish, Baked with Piccata SauceF,M,S31509010323044021014
Fish, Salmon LemonataF,M,S3130901032254703117
Gravy, PoultryM,W220000003104010
Macaroni and Cheese, ScratchE,M,S,W1240130148135650191410
Pork Chops, Southern StyleE,S,W324015017607579010022
Sandwich, Chicken BuffaloE,M,S,W12109010213063020149
Golden Corral Bakery & Dessert
Bread, Banana NutE,T,W1190354105230401252
Cobbler, AppleW1150455205220261151
Cake, Chocolate with CherriesE,M,S,W123090103210120381321
Cookie, Chocolate ChipE,M,S,W160253100608051
Ice Cream, Butter PecanM,T11508094025120160122
Pie, CherryE,S,W1320120136010410462165
Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet
Burrito, Breakfast Chorizo and EggE,M,S,W13501902180115810231217
French Toast, Strawberry CheesecakeE,M,W121080950100160261175
Pancakes, BlueberryE,M,S,W18040410101510132
Potatoes, Hashbrown SkilletE,M,S,W12201701943038011201
Golden Corral Hot Soup & Potato
Soup, Broccoli CheeseM,S1190110127035103013088
Soup, Cajun Chicken170101001075010125
Soup, TomatoM,W11703042010620291196
Golden Corral Drinks
Beverage, Green Tea with Peach121200000035310310
Beverage, Tropicana Fruit Punch121600000035450450

Please see our Golden Corral Prices pages, for buffet prices.

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    Does Golden Corral offer any two for one of BOGO coupons? I can’t locate any on the sites?

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