Wendy’s NEW 4 for $4 Menu

October 14, 2020

Wendy’s NEW 4 for $4 Menu.

Wendy’s has recently added a new 4 for $4 Menu promotion, but for a limited time only.
Wendy’s is currently trying out a “4 for $4 Meal” as a nationwide test.

The 4 for $4 Menu includes:

  • Junior bacon cheeseburger.
  • Four chicken nuggets.
  • Small fries.
  • and a small drink.

The menu will stay, if it proves to be a success, but for now it is running for a limited time. No coupon is required.

This offer is not valid in Alaska and Hawaii.

Wendy’s is hoping to lure 1$ offer customers from McDonalds and Taco Bell with this deal, and at the same time ensure that customers spend atleast 4$ per visit.

Time will tell if this is a good strategy. Customer response will determine whether the promotion stays, so get it while you can.

Read more on www.wendys.com and on the Wendy’s Facebook Page.

See the full Wendy’s menu wendys menu.

Wendys menu 4 for 4

Example of the Wendys 4 for 4 menu.


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2 Responses

  1. autumn says:

    you all need to chill !!!!!

  2. Phong says:

    I tried it in the summer of 2015…its kinda worth it…wish it include a frosty…..

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