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December 5, 2021

BJ’s Menu.

See the full Bj’s Restaurant and Brewhouse menu here, includign the Pizza menu, Kids menu and the Bj’s Lunch menu.

BJ’s menu prices may vary from location to location.

What is BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse?

BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. is an American casual dining restaurant cahin with 174 locations. It operates under several names: BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, BJ’s Pizza & Grill and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery. Some of the locations feature an in-house brewery.

BJ’s Restaurants was founded in 1978 in Orange County, California.
BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse has won over 150 awards for its beer. Bjs apparently stands for Back Fabers, the name of the first restaurant in Orange County. Their main competitors in the Restaurant + Full Bar segment are TGI Fridays, Chili’s, Yard House and Ruby Tuesdays (see menus).

Bj’s Restaurant and Brewery Menu

BJ’s Lunch Menu

BJ’s Sides

BJ’s Appetizers Menu

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BJ’s Pizza Menu – Large

BJ’s Signature Deep Dish (Large 14″)

BJ’s Pizza Menu – Medium

BJ’s Signature Deep Dish (Medium 12″)

BJ’s Pizza Menu – Small

BJ’s Signature Deep Dish (Small 9″)

BJ’s Pizza Meni – Mini

BJ’s Signature Deep Dish (Mini 6″)

BJ’s Soups And Salad Menu

BJ’s Drinks Menu


BJ’s Dessert Menu

BJ’s Entrees Menu

Enlightened (Lighter Fare)

BJ’s Handcrafted Burgers

BJ’s Kids’ Menu

BJ’s Entree Salads

BJ’s Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks

BJ’s Burgers, Tacos, Sandwiches

BJs Enlightened Sandwiches, Burger And Tacos

BJ’s Pizza – Tavern Cut

Tavern Cut Pizza

BJ’s Seafood Menu


BJ’s Pasta Menu

BJ’s Enlightened Favorites

Enlightened Entrees

BJ’s Sandwich Menu

More Snacks

BJ’s Snacks And Small Bites

BJ’s Juices

BJ’s Enlightened Favorites

BJ’s Enlightened Salads

BJ’s Chicken Menu

BJ’s Flatbreads

BJ’s Sodas

BJ’s Handcrafted Soads

BJ’s Mocktails

BJ’s Beef And Steak Menu

BJ’s Pork And Ribs Menu

BJ’s Starter Salads

BJ’s Gluten Free Pizza

Bj’s Restaurant and Brewery is particularly famous for their extensive Happy Hour. See the current deals here: BJs Happy Hour.
The Bj’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Homepage can be seen here.
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4 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    There should be an investigation into why my food was so BAD! The Jambalaya was so salty I believe it was deliberate! The server asked just before I was about to go, do you want something else, and I replied, O no I am done! (I tipped him anyway just a little compared to how much I usually do). The Manager never followed up. BJ’s Bear #412

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pricey and not very good.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Prices are to high.

  4. AllFoodMenuPrices says:

    BJ’s offer a free $10 Bonus Card with online purchase of $50 in gift cards or a $25 bonus gift card with a $100 purchase, from today and through January 4, 2017. You will also get 20% off VIP cards from 12/26/2016 through 2/13/2017.

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